The 15 grim statistics behind African migration

  1.  Africa has the most number of presidents who have amended the constitution, removing presidential term limit (International Democracy Watch).
  2.  Africa has the most incidences of post-election violence (International Crisis Group reports)
  3.  Africa has the highest population growth rate, 3%+ (UN Populations Prospects report 2017).
  4.  Africa has the highest rate of slum incidence of any major world region, with roughly 200 million people (or 20%) living in mega slum cities (UN Human Settlements Programmes HBITAT reports).
  5.  Africa is the most unequal continent, both within itself and in comparison, to other continents: the lowest GDP and pa capita income, the lowest access to health, education, clean water and food. (UNDP Human Development reports).
  6. Africa is facing the greatest threat of environmental degradation and desertification (UN Environment Programme UNEP reports)
  7. Africa has the highest child and maternal mortality rate (The World Health Organisation WHO reports).
  8. Africa has the worst record on human rights violations: violence against women, children, opposition and the press (UN Commission on Human Rights reports).
  9. Africa is hosting the largest number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and cross-border refugees, (UN High Commission for Refugees reports).
  10. Africa needs the most emergency food aid every year (UN World Food Programmes WFP reports)
  11. Africa tops the league table of women facing poverty, sexual violence, economic and political disenfranchisement (UN Women reports).
  12. Africa has the largest number of women and children in need of support (United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF reports).
  13. Africa has the largest number of child labourers, with 59 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 involved in hazardous work (International Labour Organization ILO reports).
  14. Africa has the worst record on political and financial corruption (Transparency International reports)
  15. Africa is the most violent continent, hosting nine 9/16, or 56% of UN peacekeeping missions in the world (UN Security Council).